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The Hercules Plaza investment is a modern facility located in the spa area of Świnoujście. As a seaside resort, it offers golden sand, air with healing iodine and wonderful sunsets. The property is located only 300 m from the most beautiful beach on the Polish coast. From the west and south side, the building is surrounded by beautiful, extensive forest areas. This location provides peace and quiet, and a walk to the city center takes only 20 minutes.

Herkules Plaza is located:

    • 3.1 km from Stawa Młyny – Windmill
    • 300 m from the beach
    • 2.5 km from the border crossing in Świnoujście – Ahlbeck
    • 74 km from the Goleniów airport
    • 12 km from Heringsdorf airport

The unique charm of Świnoujście, great tourist attractions, as well as comfortable rooms in Hercules Plaza guarantee an excellent capital investment.

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