Investment suites at the seaside

We would like to invite you to get acquainted with our sales offer of investment suites at the seaside in an elegant and modern building, i.e. the Herkules Plaza.

We offer you two cooperation options to choose from:

I. Purchase of the real property and profit in the form of its increasing value,
II. Purchase of the real property, with subsequent hand-over to be administered by a proven administrator to earn even more on room’s renting.

By initiating cooperation with an experienced administrator, you are guaranteed the rental of the hotel room throughout the whole year. Advantageous terms and conditions of cooperation will enable you to enjoy your stay in a wonderful, seaside location and a good investment, as well as achieving financial benefits when renting the room. We offer different flats for sale at the seaside, enabling every Customer to choose the best solution for them.

Do not hesitate to get acquainted with the cooperation details at our agent’s. They will be glad to present the terms and conditions of purchase and subsequent rental of the hotel room.

Do feel invited to Herkules Plaza!

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